The Scientific Committee has been created for the study, research and assistance to people, in order to propose innovative projects in the field of Air Medicine and Sanitary Transport Services, creating an interface between the Company, the International Scientific and Academic Community. It is also involved in projects aimed at supporting populations in difficulty and the poorer sections of the population in need of urgent health transport. When it is not possible to activate the State Flight, our Air Ambulance service is able to offer a quick solution and a Medical Air Service transport.


The Scientific Committee is the technical advisory body that supports the Management in defining the Company's strategic guidelines and in evaluating the projects submitted by the members themselves.


Art.1. Object and purpose of the regulation
The Regulation aims to regulate the functioning of the Scientific Committee of Airmedical in particular it establishes the criteria for the organization and conduct of the work of the Committee itself.
Art.2. Composition of operational appointment.
The Scientific Committee is composed of a minimum of four and a maximum of ten members. The members of the Scientific Committee are identified among scholars and experts in the fields of relevance of the activities. The Scientific Committee elects from among its members its own President, who has the function of convening the meetings, coordinating with Air Medical's management and Healthcare management.
Art.3. Functions
The Scientific Committee elaborates the scientific guidelines for the realization of the Company Mission. Supports - from a methodological point of view - the Management for the purposes of research and development of the Company.
Art.4. Duration
The members of the Scientific Committee remain in office for three years.
Art.5. Convocation
The Scientific Committee is convened by the President or, alternatively, by the Medical Director - at least twice a year - by telematic means, explaining the agenda.The convocation is sent at least fifteen days before the date of the meeting, or as a matter of urgency, at least eight days in advance It is also convened at the request of the Company Management or at least one third of its members. The validity of meetings requires the presence of half plus one of its members, not counting those justified in writing; resolutions are passed by a majority of those present.
Art.6. Reimbursement of expenses
The trips and stays of the members of the Scientific Committee for missions and transfers related to the activity of the Committee must be planned in advance by the Committee itself and authorized by the Management.
Art.7. External experts
The Scientific Committee can avail itself of experts and representatives of Corporations and Institutions, in order to acquire data and information considered useful for debate and deliberation.
Art.8. Non-disclosure obligations
The Company Management, the Scientific Committee and the Healthcare Management are required not to disclose to subjects other than the authors any information on documents and projects developed.The material may not be used by members of the Scientific Committee for personal purposes unless previously authorized and approved.
Art.9. Use of data
The data used may be presented outside the Company only after authorization by the Management and copyright Air Medical