The Operations Room is the main structure for the management and planning of missions. This is where all the missions in which our air ambulance and helicopter rescue are involved originate and are coordinated.
It is manned 24/h by a doctor in charge, a logistic technician, an aeronautical technician and administrative staff who are at your disposal for every need.
The team operates according to shared protocols to standardize and ensure the quality of the missions of medicafly that are performed every day.
The Operations Room is operational 365 days a year 24 hours a day.
The Team provides users with precise answers and clear timelines on the feasibility of the required medical transports and on the status of the missions whose terms and chronoprogram are shared with the client, who will then be able to deal with a conscious transfer in all its phases.
For “bed to bed” transfers, that is, from hospital to hospital, the necessary continuity of care for patients is guaranteed, reducing the time of extra-hospital exposure.

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